The Cure for Sorrow

The Cure for Sorrow: A Book of Blessings for Times of Grief

Jan's luminous new book offers blessings in the rending of grief, inviting us to see the shelters of solace and surprising hope that wait for us there.

A blessing meets us in the place of our deepest loss. In that place, it gives us a glimpse of wholeness and claims that wholeness here and now. —from the Introduction

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Circle of Grace

Circle of Grace: A Book of Blessings for the Seasons

—Chicago Tribune

In this beautiful collection of her distinctive blessings, Jan illuminates the gifts that each season of the sacred year holds for us.

Within the struggle, joy, pain, and delight that attend our life, there is an invisible circle of grace that enfolds and encompasses us in every moment. Blessings help us to perceive this circle of grace, to find our place of belonging within it, and to receive the strength the circle holds for us. —from the Introduction

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Night Visions

Night Visions: Searching the Shadows of Advent and Christmas

Jan's original artwork, reflections, poetry, and prayers accompany the reader from the beginning of Advent through Epiphany Day, inviting us to encounter the God who dwells in darkness as well as in daylight. Treasured by readers who return to it each Advent, Night Visions makes a beautiful gift for yourself and others.

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In Wisdom's Path

In Wisdom's Path: Discovering the Sacred in Every Season

This perennial favorite is now available in a beautiful hardcover version! Jan returns to the rhythm of the sacred year with a compelling offering of original artwork and reflections that invite us to notice the presence of God in each season. From the "Cave of the Heart" in Advent through the "Daily Way" of Ordinary Time, In Wisdom's Path serves as a companion in our search for the holy.

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In the Sanctuary of Women

In the Sanctuary of Women: A Companion for Reflection & Prayer

In this sequel to the groundbreaking Sacred Journeys, Jan offers a book to treasure and to share with the women (and the men) in your life. Drawing from the often hidden wellsprings of women's wisdom from across the ages, Jan invites the reader into a sacred space—a sanctuary—for reflection, prayer, and conversation about the mysteries that lie at the heart of who we are.

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Through the Advent Door

Through the Advent Door: Entering a Contemplative Christmas

Through the Advent Door
reveals the hidden pathways into the holidays we have always longed for, guiding us into a realm that shimmers with mystery and imagination. Like an Advent calendar, each day opens a new door, offering rich treasures that beckon us deep into this time. Jan accompanies us with images and reflections imbued with ancient stories, practices, and traditions. A gift to savor every day. Available as an eBook on Kindle & all Kindle apps.

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Sacred Journeys

Sacred Journeys: A Woman’s Book of Daily Prayer

Jan’s first book invites the reader to travel in the company of a remarkable array of women as the Christian year unfolds. Starting in Advent and moving through each season, this book draws on the lives and writings of women from around the world and throughout the ages. Jan's prayers, poetry, and reflections link the stories of biblical women such as Miriam and Mary with the voices of women including Julian of Norwich, Sojourner Truth, Etty Hillesum, Julia Esquivel, and Annie Dillard.

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