Artwork Jan Richardson

Elegant and engaging, Jan's artwork invites viewers deeper into the mysteries of the journey. We invite you to visit Jan's online Gallery where her exhibit includes luminous mixed media pieces such as The Hours of Mary Magdalene as well as her evocative charcoal drawings.

Beyond the gallery, Jan offers her artwork in a variety of formats for your own reflection, for gifts, and for congregational and community settings. Thanks for being mindful that, as with all artwork, these images are under copyright, and guidelines for their use do apply. For information, visit Copyright Permissions.


You can purchase beautiful reproductions of Jan's artwork; find out more at Art Prints. The prints in Jan's series are available not only singly but also as sets—great for congregational use.


A number of Jan's books include her distinctive artwork. Her images are more than illustrations; intertwined with the text, they are an integral part of the book. Visit the Books page, where you can browse through sample pages from Jan's books.


Jan's artwork makes for great greeting cards. Some people even actually send them instead of only holding onto the cards for themselves; we encourage both! Visit Greeting Cards.


We are pleased to make Jan's artwork easily available for use in worship, education, and other settings. We invite you to visit Jan Richardson Images, where you can download high-resolution files of her artwork for printed or projected use in congregations, conferences, and other venues. You can purchase individual images or, with an annual subscription, you can have access to all the images on the site (within the Guidelines for Use).

Jan's artwork has also appeared widely in formats that include books, magazines and journals, websites, curriculum resources, posters, and newsletters. For these and other uses that lie beyond the standard Guidelines for Use, drop her a line with information about how you'd like to use her work, and she would be delighted to talk with you. Information is also available at Copyright Permissions.