About Jan Jan Richardson

Jan is an artist, writer, and ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. She serves as director of The Wellspring Studio, LLC, and travels widely as a retreat leader and conference speaker. Known for her distinctive intertwining of word and image, Jan’s work has attracted an international audience drawn to the welcoming and imaginative spaces that she creates in her books, online blogs, and public events.

A native Floridian several generations over, Jan grew up in Evinston, a small community near the university town of Gainesville. The rural landscape, community traditions (including the annual Evinston Thanksgiving dinner in the park that has been taking place for more than fifty years), and lifelong relationships fostered a rich sense of place, imagination, and ritual that continue to shape Jan's life and infuse her work.

Jan is the Visiting Artist at First United Methodist Church of Winter Park, Florida, serves on the faculty of the Grünewald Guild in Washington State, and is part of Saint Brigid of Kildare Monastery, a community that draws from Methodist and Benedictine traditions. She makes her home in Central Florida with her husband and frequent collaborator, the singer/songwriter Garrison Doles.

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